Lisa Citron

Originally from New Jersey, My husband and I went on a ski trip to Breckenridge- once here we never looked back! We sold our home in 2 days and moved to Breckenridge 3 months later. We love Colorado and we love to ski. After having our first and only little girl Cassidy Leigh, Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Andy retired to Breckenridge from New Jersey! I think they love their granddaughter very much!! Jackie helps run the business and Andy drives for the Summit Stage, helping to greet and make Breckenridge visitors feel at home. Watching our daughter learn to ski at 2 years of age and working in the industry we love made all the risk of picking up our lives and moving across the country worth while. It is truly a joy to help my clients plan their vacations, planning fun is so rewarding!!


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